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The key to email marketing isn’t always found within the body of text that makes up the message. Sure, if the core of your email is weak, that’s a major issue on its own. However, simply relying on this text alone, even if it is properly composed, also isn’t always the right call. Sometimes you need to go above and beyond to really connect with your audience. As one of the biggest trends that’s picking up steam in the email marketing world, video fits this billing perfectly. To find out if adding this content to your next campaign is the right call, let’s spend some time looking over the particulars of setting your brand message in motion with embedded video offerings.

The Case for Video in Email Marketing

The potential for video to serve a major role in your email marketing operations comes from two different angles. First is the concept that this method can differentiate your brand from the masses. As an industry report from eMarketer points out, only one in four brands utilize video content when setting up marketed messages. While it’s not a guarantee for success, there’s no denying that going down this path does offer the opportunity to stand out in a crowd.

Of course, when it comes to your marketing budget, simply being different for the sake of being different isn’t a good enough reason. In addition to relatively limited competition on this front, Sherry Chao of Business 2 Community explains that adding video to your emails is also highly effective. Specifically, Chao reports that some campaigns saw clickthrough rates (CTR) jump by up to 583 percent, all thanks to adding video to the equation. Basically, if you can pull of this addition to your standard messages in the right way, the payoff is huge.

Potential Pitfalls

Naturally, properly implementing video is far easier said than done. With the rise of multiple platforms and devices as a means of viewing emails, optimizing your messages and avoiding unplayable video content becomes far more difficult. Considering how disastrous a broken video can be to the aesthetic of your messages, failing on this front can cause lasting damage to a campaign. Additionally, some audiences simply might not be interested in video content, so rushing into this process without testing the waters is a quick way to turn off a large portion of your constituency if they fall into this category.

The real key to success doesn’t start with great video content and a powerful supporting message in your emails, but rather understanding what your audience wants. Once you’ve traversed this potential pitfall by ensuring this type of content falls into line with your ideal consumer profile, you can move on to more exciting portions of this process – creating and optimizing your video content.

Making a Positive Impact with Your Audience

So once you’ve confirmed that this type of content can reach its full potential with your viewers, what’s the next step? According to Lynn Baus of Marketing Land, the best place to start is by focusing on hammering out the deliverability details. First up is incorporating HTML5 into your content development process. While you can try to use third-party add-ons, like Flash, most email service clients aren’t too keen on these plug-ins, so you run a serious risk of ending up in the spam folder. HTML5 circumvents this issue by avoiding the usage of these plug-ins and embedding the video directly into your message template.

Additionally, utilizing hosting services that provide progressive downloads helps lower the burden of file size and sluggish load times by letting your audience begin watching the video before it finishes downloading. Considering how large these files can be, having progressive playback expedite the process can make the situation far more agreeable for you viewers.

With all of the technical details hammered out, you’ll need to shift your focus toward the actual video content. After all, making sure the video reaches these consumers doesn’t matter that much if what you’re offering leaves a lot to be desired. To avoid this, place an emphasis on supporting a strong message that evokes emotion within your audience. Whether it’s a customer profile or a “behind the scenes” look at your business operations, building a story that connects with these viewers and develops a strong call-to-action can put your video content over the top.

From here, don’t be afraid to repurpose this content later on down the road. There’s nothing wrong with squeezing out a little extra value by posting this video to your company YouTube account or website. If you can do this, in addition to everything else you’ve learned about video content, you’ll be well on your way to connecting with your audience in ways that the competition just can’t match.



We have released a new Elite Email TV episode focusing on the second step of the “adding contacts” process.

In this video we explore the 3 different ways you can easily add contacts to your account including:

  • Manually type (or copy & paste) just the email address
  • Manually type (or copy & paste) the email address along with other information such as name, phone number, etc.
  • Upload a file in a variety of formats (Microsoft Excel – .XLS/.XLSX, .CSV, .TXT)

You can mix and match methods to suit your specific needs.

No matter what method you choose, you don’t have to worry about duplicates or invalid email addresses because we’ll automatically catch those for you. This way you can focus more on your marketing and let us worry about making sure your data is in tip-top shape!


We just released a new Elite Email TV Episode focusing on the first step of the ‘adding contacts’ process.

This video, which you can see below, discusses how to select the interest group(s) you want to add your contacts to.

Over the next few days we’ll post other new videos that go through the rest of the adding contacts process whether you choose to type in email address or upload a file. This way no matter what method you select, you’ll have an easy-to-follow training video to help you along the way.

As always, our videos are in HD and have closed captions for maximum accessibility.


Following up  on our previous blog post about list segmentation, we just released a new Elite Email TV episode titled “What Are Interest Groups?”

This is the first of many new episodes that we’ll be posting.

The idea behind this learning series is to show you exactly how to use Elite Email in the best (and easiest!) way possible.

Instead of having to read documentation or help files, you can simply put up your feet, watch the video, and moments later you are an expert.

These videos might not win any Academy Awards (…or will they?!), but they should put anyone on the fast track to becoming a true email marketing guru.

All the videos are in HD (up to 1080p… because we’re cool like that!) and have closed captions just so that it is accessible to everyone.

This specific video covers the concept of list segmentation, how to create interest groups, rename them, delete them and more.


After months of effort, hundreds of script re-writes, a countless amount of revisions and an insane amount of small nit-picky tweaks, I am happy to say that the new Elite Email animated web commercial is DONE!

Very soon this will be featured on our homepage and you’ll see parts of it on TV. But, for now, I wanted to give you an early sneak peak so you can be amongst the first people to see it.

It is my hope that this video will both explain what Elite Email does, how it can help you with your email marketing, and… of course, why we’re great. :)

I’m confident that anyone who wasn’t sure about email marketing, will watch this video and will understand why email marketing is the fastest growing form of advertising.

I want to thank all the people who helped provide feedback throughout this entire process.


At the beginning of the month (March 6 – 8), we attended the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) trade show in Toronto, Canada.

This was our very first trade show ever, and it was great to meet face-to-face with current and potential customers.

We spoke to hundreds and hundreds of people over the three day show and it was just amazing to see how many people were excited about email marketing.

Since this was our first trade show ever, it also meant we were unveiling our brand new booth. We worked so hard on it because we really wanted to make sure we stood out from everyone else.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the booth being setup:

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