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Today our CEO, Robert Burko, takes the stage at Email World 2013 in San Diego. The event is put on by DigitalMarketer.

He will be speaking about both email & mobile marketing as an integrated cross-channel communication strategy.

I saw a copy of the presentation last week and I’m sure all in attendance will walk away with a bunch of good ideas.

There are some really great slides that discuss how mobile marketing can be used to boost email subscriber acquisitions.

The speaking line-up for the event is filled with an impressive roster of senior representatives from many of the top email marketing companies. All of us here at Elite Email are excited to be a part of the event.

You can learn more about the event here: https://secure.digitalmarketer.com/email-conference/index.php

Email World 2013


Everyone loves camp.

The outdoors, the activities, the lasting friendships.

And you know what else loves camp…. email marketing!

Day camps, overnight camps, city camps, and all other camps have to communicate with parents, staff, & campers. That’s a lot of different groups to reach out to!

Tomorrow in Niagara Falls, Robert Burko will be leading a session on how camps can use email marketing and social media to enhance their communication and improve their marketing efforts.

For more information about the Ontario Camps Association visit http://www.ontariocamps.ca/

Robert has told us that after his presentation he will be coming back to the office…. in this case I’m pretty sure “office” is code for the poker tables at the casino. :)


Markham, Ontario is knows as “The Silicon Valley of the North” and tomorrow (October 16, 2012) kicks off Small Business Forum 2012.

Our CEO, Robert Burko, is one of the featured panelists for the discussion at 9:00am titled “Maneuvering Through The Marketing Maze, from Plan to Execution”.

The event is open to the public, so if you are in the area, swing by and hopefully walk away with a few good ideas for your business.

The feedback from Robert’s presentation last week at the SMB Exchange in Toronto was amazingly positive and I’m confident tomorrow will be just as good.

The all day event has a great speaker line-up and is sure to help start-ups and businesses looking to grow.

Markham Small Business Forum 2012


The SMB Exchange is the sold out event happening in Toronto on October 9, 2012 and our CEO, Robert Burko, is one of the featured presenters.

This unique event, put on by the Toronto Board of Trade, is bringing together business leaders in a wide variety of topics to share their experiences and help others overcome the challenges their business faces in today’s economy.

Burko will be facilitating a networking session and also be leading a presentation on maximizing human capital and new market expansion. As always, he will bring his digital marketing savvy and entertaining presentation style to not only showcase possible ideas, but get people exciting about implementing the solution.

You can read more in our press release.

This is what Burko had to say about the event:

I look forward to sharing my passion for digital marketing and email marketing expertise to hopefully help attendees generate some new ideas about how this type of technology could be the missing ingredient in their marketing mix.

More information about the SMB Exchange can be found at http://smbexchange.ca/
You can also watch a promo video of Burko discussing what makes this event unique and why you should attend: http://smbexchange.ca/video/smb-exchange-promo-robert-burko

Robert Burko Presenting at SMB Exchange


Are you in the Toronto area and looking for a great event that can help you grow your business?

The Toronto Board of Trade is running the SMB Exchange on Tuesday, October 9 from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Our CEO, Robert Burko, is one of the featured facilitators/presenters, which was highlighted in the weekly Toronto Board of Trade newsletter:

SMB Exchange

What is the SMB Exchange?
Through consultation with other business leaders, this one-day event will address the unique needs of SMB’s and identify solutions that enhance the effectiveness of your business. The day will include a prominent keynote address, facilitated networking, case study discussions and problem solving. Through group discussion, share experiences and knowledge with other small and medium business leaders.

Overall, there are going to be some great minds sharing their real world experiences with concepts and ideas that you can take and apply to your organization.

There are two key themes for the day: Refining my Current Model and Expansion & New Markets

Within both themes are excellent topics that will really apply to all organizations.

You can watch a video of Robert explaining how this event is different from typical networking events by clicking here.

You can register for the event online. Make sure to mark October 9th in your calendars!

We hope to see you there!

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