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We’ve been talking a lot lately about some of the new features that will be released shortly in our new & improved “Reports” section and today I’m going to unveil something I haven’t mentioned before.

As you know, Twitter is popular. If you are gasping at that statement, then I urge you to move out from under that rock you’ve been living and find better accommodations! :)

People are getting used to receiving their news and updates in short little snippets and in real-time.

This is what prompted us to create the “Elite Email Ticker”.

The Elite Email Ticker resides on the new Reports homepage and is a running feed of all the interactions with the emails you send out.

As soon as anyone opens your email, clicks a link, forwards it, unsubscribes, files a complaint (yikes!) or interacts with it in any other way, it will hit your ticker newsfeed.

This is a sample of what it will look like on the main Reports Dashboard:

Elite Email Ticker: Real-Time Email Interactions

You can easily refresh the data to make sure you are looking at the latest activity or for even more details you can launch the Elite Email Ticker in full-screen mode.

There are several ways you can use this information depending on your specific needs. For some people this may just be a cool way of watching the interactions happen and for others this may be used as a sales tool.

Let me give you an example that is actually from one of our customers (even though I’ve changed the name and product for privacy reasons):
John sends out an email announcing that he has brand new state-of-the-art super insanely ultra-cool widgets. (Yep, we’re all excited about those widgets!) He schedules the email to send at 9:30am and beings to watch the ticker. As soon as he sees that william@example.com has clicked the link for more information about widgets, he can easily click on William’s address to pull up his whole profile. Since John uploaded phone numbers and information about his customers, everything he needs is right at his fingertips. He can call William to try to close the sale since he knows that William is a super hot lead right now.

Of course, I’m not saying you should call every customer, nor am I saying it’s feasible to sit and monitor the ticker all day long. But, this is just one idea… there are many others!

How will you use the Elite Email Ticker? We’ll have to wait and find out!


We have been working hard for many months and our new (and much improved) Reports section is almost done.

One of our goals with the new Reports section was to give our customers every bit of information possible. For the past 12 months we have been cataloging requests from our customers who have called or emailed us asking something about their email results. We wanted to make sure that whatever information they wanted, was no more than a few clicks away.

The “Report Wizard” is the solution to that goal.

We dug down deep and found every conceivable way we could process report data to give our customers cutting edge insight not only to evaluate their past emails, but also to improve their future emails.

For example, you might be wondering if you should send your email at 9:00am or 2:00pm. Well, just check out the “Opens By Hour” report to see which hour of the day produces the most engagement for your emails.

The “Report Wizard” is divided into different sections for opens, clicks, forwards and unsubscribes. This makes it easy to drill-down to the details you are most interested in.

Today we’ll focus on the “Opens” section.

The whole process starts by launching the report wizard:

Launch Report Wizard

Once the Report Wizard is activated you are presented with a wide variety of reports to choose from.

Report Wizard: Opens

The following reports are available:

  • Total Opens
  • Unique Opens
  • Only Opened Once
  • Opened More Than Once
  • Total Opens By Domain
  • Unique Opens By Domain
  • Total Opens By Day of The Week
  • Unique Opens By Day Of The Week
  • Total Opens By Hour
  • Unique Opens By Hour
  • Opened X Amount of Times
  • Total Opens By Interest Group
  • Unique Opens By Interest Group
  • Total Opens 14 Day Trend
  • Unique Opens 14 Day Trend
  • Total Opens By Country
  • Unique Opens By Country
  • Total Opens By State (USA)
  • Unique Opens By State (USA)
  • Total Opens By Province (Canada)
  • Unique Opens By Province (Canada)

Elite Email Report Wizard: Total Opens Report

Elite Email Report Wizard: Opens By Hour
When you click on a report name, it opens the report…. and, with our new super high powered servers, it loads them FAST!

For most reports you will see a Report Toolbox that lets you perform various actions, a chart for visual representation, and an interactive table of core report data. Each of these items will be discussed more in future blog posts.

We are very excited about these new enhancements and hope to have them available in everyone’s account in beta (just so you can try them out) very soon.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see where in the world people are located when they are interacting with your emails? We think so!

The Elite Email development team has been working hard for many months on an entirely revamped Reports section.

The Reports section has so many new features that it’s almost impossible to list them all!

We hope to have this released in ‘beta’ for people to begin exploring within about a week.

But, for now, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of one of the coolest new features (in my opinion)…

I am proud to announce that the new Elite Email Reports section will features detailed and comprehensive Geo Reports.

Using the IP address information we collect when your contacts interact with an email (whether it’s open, click, forward, unsubscribe, etc, etc), combined with state-of-the-art geographic pin-pointing information, we can now determine where that person is located.

We have powerful servers in multiple data centers chugging through all this data so that when you login to your account you can see various maps that answer the question of where people are located. You can then use this information in a variety of ways.

Best of all, the information is presented using heat-maps so at a quick glance, based on the intensity of the color, you can see where most of your contacts are located. And, it doesn’t stop there because you can also drill-down to more detailed maps. So, if you click on United States, the map will reload and show you a detailed “state” view complete with heat-map functionality.

This is only the beginning as adding a layer of location information opens up some new and exciting opportunities.

Here are some top secret screenshots:

Elite Email Reports: World Map > Opens

View a world heat-map that shows where people are located when they open your email. This report will be available for clicks, forwards, and unsubscribes, too!

Elite Email Reports: USA Map > Opens

Clicking on the United States from the world map will load a detailed state-view of the USA. Now you can see which state people are located in when they open, click, forward or unsubscribe.

Elite Email Reports: Canada Map > Opens w/ Details

Within the Reports Wizard you can load a detailed map of Canada and see a province-by-province report of who opened, clicked, forwarded or unsubscribed from your email.

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