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One size does not fit all!  This is why, at Elite Email, we have hundreds of templates available for you to prepare your email newsletters or flyers.  Sure, there’s a certain convenience in using the same email format for all your email marketing needs.  But if this is what you’ve been doing for a while now, you’re probably sick of looking at the same colors, the same font and the same kinds of photos in the same places.  So it’s quite likely that your customers are tired of them too.

Letting Customers Know that You Have New Products

Sure, loyal customers do like to receive news about your specials and sales, especially when the holiday season comes around.  However, if they keep seeing the same type of email coming from your company, they might assume that you don’t have any new products either.

You may be getting in new products all the time.  You’re probably at the cutting edge of your industry.  But if you don’t let people know about it, they’re not going to flock to you and buy what you’re selling.

Getting Creative

In order to really make an impact, let your creativity run riot.  Use orange and black at Halloween and green and red at Christmas.  Vary your print type.  Use different types of images.  Just keep mixing everything up until you feel satisfied with the result.

These days, it’s very trendy to mix and match colors and images that aren’t generally used together.  You could color-block your newsletter with purple, yellow and brown, for example.  Or three other colors that don’t generally go together.  Or mix up illustrations and photos in the same newsletter.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

A winter wonderland newsletter for the holidays always looks lovely and hearts, cupcakes and roses are just right for Valentine’s Day.  The important thing is to let your customers know that you’re thinking about them and you want to spread some holiday cheer.  Even if each customer doesn’t show up to buy what you’re selling,  you’ll at least know that you’ve brought a smile to someone’s face.

So whether you want to create a flyer for an upcoming holiday or just spruce up the look of the newsletter that you send out to all your clients, we have a template that’s right for you.  Infuse some creativity into your workplace and let your customers know that you care.  Contact us for an email template to suit every occasion.



Halloween is easily one of our favorite holidays here at Elite Email. It’s just so much fun to see the tremendous amount of emails going out with ghosts, goblins, witches and werewolves.

Everyone seems to jump on the Halloween bandwagon (…obviously!) and yet again we have set another record this year. Our email volume on the morning of October 31 is up 29% over last year. That represents a ton of outbound emails.

One thing I love seeing is how people tie in Halloween to their promotions. I always say that an email is most effective when it’s relevant, and tying back to something as top of mind as Halloween immediately boosts relevancy.

Another thing I noticed this year that I like a lot is an increase in the number of emails that include “Safety Tips” when trick-or-treating. I saw a bunch of retailers sending out promotional emails that had a section devoted to these tips. It’s great to see that businesses are including content like this because if these safety tips are repeated enough, then we can all have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

On behalf of the entire Elite Email Team, I want to wish everyone a Happy  Halloween!

Happy Halloween


Chocolates, hearts, cupid and….. emails!

Today Elite Email published the results of a study that analyzed the volume of emails scheduled for February 14, 2013 compared to last year.

You can view the full release here.

Overall, we found that email volume this year spiked a tremendous amount with an impressive 16% jump.

That is huge when you compare it to the 7% increase we witnessed in 2012 over 2011.

We reached out to some customers after they scheduled their email on Feb. 14 to get their take on why their volume was higher this year.

Lots of people said they have been aggressively trying to grow their mailing list. And, while size does not always equal engagement, having a larger audience of people to reach out to can certainly help. People reported that they put their mailing list signup forms/buttons in higher profile locations on their website, as well as adding a signup form to their Facebook page.

Many offline organizations said that they have been training their staff better with regards to the value of obtaining a customer’s email address. This has led to a substantial increase in new opt-in contacts.

When we ask this question we always get a lot of people telling us that they have boosted their email marketing efforts as a result of scaling back on traditional paper-based advertising. To their customers they claim they are becoming more eco-friendly, but ultimately we know that email provides better engagement, vastly superior analytics and a much greater ROI.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elite Email Heart


This week we are releasing 8 more new templates.

We have three new business templates and with 2013 right around the corner, we also have five New Years templates.

So send out your New Years cards and come back next week to find out what new templates we will have for our customers.

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This week we have 9 more templates for our customers.

These templates can be found in the holiday and real estate sections of our expansive template galleries or check them out below.

Check back in next week when we will have even more templates to add to our galleries.

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‘Tis the season and we have a special gift for our customers

With the Holidays right around the corner, we have released 20 NEW TEMPLATES for Christmas and Hanukkah

These templates can be found in the Holiday section of our template gallery or check them our below

Have a Happy Holiday!

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holiday365 holiday366 holiday367
holiday368 holiday369 holiday370
holiday371 holiday372 holiday373
holiday374 holiday375 holiday376
holiday377 holiday378 holiday379
holiday380 holiday381




We have seven new templates for our clients this week.

You can check them out below or in our template gallery in the Holiday and Retail sections.

Check back here next week to see what our team will come up with next.


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This week we have a special “treat” for our customers.

We have 10 new scary Halloween templates in the holiday section of our template gallery

Send out your Halloween newsletters today and check back next week to see what we come up with for November.

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and that means two things:

  1. I need to hurry up and figure out what I’m going to do for my wife to make the day special. :)
  2. Email marketers are sending out a flurry of Valentine’s Day Themed emails.

When it comes to email marketing, pairing your content with a larger broad-reaching theme is a great way to make the email more timely and relevant. We truly see this all your long as holiday’s pop-up on the calendar whether it is St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc, etc. We even see it for other big events such as the Super Bowl, Oscars, etc, etc.

As I always say, when it comes to email marketing “content is king”. But, of course, good content is always relative too what your audience is thinking about and that is why these holidays are so helpful. Essentially, it is our big clue about what is going on in the minds of our contacts. If we know what they are thinking about, then we can tailor our message better to them!

It would be hard for someone to have made it through the first few weeks of February without knowing that Valentine’s Day was coming up. Sure it might not be as big as some of the other holidays, but it’s still all over the mass media ensuring it doesn’t slip by unnoticed. In case you need more evidence, you can look at the Google Search Trends for “Valentine’s Day”:

Google Trends Valentine's Day 2012

As expected, we observed a large sending volume increase for merchants selling really on-theme items such as chocolates and flowers. That happens every year, so it comes as no surprise. This year we also saw a much more active hospitality industry, specifically hotels and restaurants/bars. Many hotels were sending out special Valentine’s Day get-a-way promotions and many food establishments were promoting their special holiday menus and offering coupons to be redeemed on Valentine’s Day only.

Other organizations also jumped on the Valentine’s Day theme even if they weren’t selling anything directly related to the holiday.  It has been a common thing over the past week to see cupid, hearts and other Valentine’s Day imagery in emails from all types of companies. We also saw many themed promotions, even if the items being sold really had nothing to do with the holiday. Again, it comes down to knowing what your audience is thinking and being more relevant!

When emails are more relevant, we generally see an increase in engagement (opens/clicks) and the 2012 Valentine’s Day season has been no different. Contacts seem to be much more eager to open and engage with emails that tie into the theme of the day.

One thing we noticed this year is businesses scheduling “last minute” Valentine’s Day email campaigns sending either today or tomorrow morning. This way if people on their mailing list were procrastinating and waiting until the final minute to plan something, that email sitting in their inbox can solve the problem and come to the rescue!

Read our full press release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/email-marketing/elite-email/prweb9190516.htm

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Email Marketing


First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Every year around this time we perform our annual analysis to study the rise (or fall) of the amount of organizations using email marketing to send out holiday cards.

For the past several years we have seen big increases and the 2011 holiday season was no different.

We saw a huge increase in the amount of organizations sending out holiday cards through email to their customers, vendors, employees, and essentially everyone else who can get a little holiday cheer.

This really comes as no surprise since the email marketing industry is still experiencing rapid and booming growth.

Based on conversations we had with our customers, there were a few key driving factors that pushed more people to abandon traditional paper mailings in favor of email.

  • Cost savings (no need for a designer, printer or postage)
  • Reduced lead time
  • Going “green” (no wasted paper)
  • Better tracking

You can read our full press release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/email-marketing/elite-email/prweb9067892.htm

I’m sure that during the 2012 holiday season we’ll see even more organizations turn to email marketing for their holiday cards. (And, I can tell you that we have a special design team working hard on a brand new set of holiday templates!)

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