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We have released a new video as part of our Elite Email TV learning series.

This video teaches you all about contact profiles. After all, we know the people on your mailing list are more than just an email address. They are an actual person with a name, phone number, address, age, favorite sports team, etc, etc.

You can customize the exact information you want to save for each contact profile so that it meets your specific needs. For example, a pizza restaurant may collect your “favorite toppings” while a music retailer may collect your “favorite music genres”. Elite Email is completely flexible so that you can customize every piece of data. This is also helpful if you want the contact profile fields to be in a different language.

You can easily include a contact’s information when adding contacts to your mailing list by putting the information in your Excel file. Of course, if you’ve already added your contacts you can still add in the rest of their profile information using the “update” feature. If you just want to change something for a specific contact, you can search for them and make the changes with just a few clicks.

Remember, if you enable the “Update Profile” link in your emails then your contacts can actually help keep the information accurate by updating the information on their own. Their updates will be reflected immediately and you can always download the new information to sync it with your offline database.

There is a lot you can do with profile information including displaying it in your emails to make them more personalized. For instance “Greetings!” can easily become “Hi John!”, which is a lot nicer.


We just released a new Elite Email TV episode focusing on tips and tricks when preparing your Microsoft Excel file to upload your mailing list.

We know many of our customers use Excel to organize their mailing list and then they want to upload it right to Elite Email.
Truthfully, we make the process so easy that you can really throw any Excel file at us and we can handle it (see “Mapping Your File” episode), but there are definitely some things you can do to make the process even easier.

This video shows you some of the best practices you can apply when working in Excel.

The biggest tip is to use good column headings, since that will make field mapping a lot easier.

I should mention that you can upload a list from any CSV file, database program or CRM program. So, even though this video is focused on Excel, that is by no means the only option.


We just released a new Elite Email TV episode focusing on the final step of the adding contacts file upload process where you have to “map your data”.

This is basically like connect the dots where you tell us where to put the information contained in your file.

We do this because sometimes the column names in your file may match exactly to your Elite Email database (in which case we connect it for you), but other times it might not be the same, so you need to give us a push in the right direction to ensure everything ends up perfectly.

The process of mapping your file is really easy and requires only a few clicks.

We even show you sample data from your file so you can make sure that the information you think you’re saving to a certain spot is actually correct.

If you’re uploading data that doesn’t fit into any of the existing fields in your account, you can easily rename a field and customize things even more to meet your exact needs.

The video, which you can see below, walks you through this entire process.


We have released a new Elite Email TV episode focusing on the second step of the “adding contacts” process.

In this video we explore the 3 different ways you can easily add contacts to your account including:

  • Manually type (or copy & paste) just the email address
  • Manually type (or copy & paste) the email address along with other information such as name, phone number, etc.
  • Upload a file in a variety of formats (Microsoft Excel – .XLS/.XLSX, .CSV, .TXT)

You can mix and match methods to suit your specific needs.

No matter what method you choose, you don’t have to worry about duplicates or invalid email addresses because we’ll automatically catch those for you. This way you can focus more on your marketing and let us worry about making sure your data is in tip-top shape!


We just released a new Elite Email TV Episode focusing on the first step of the ‘adding contacts’ process.

This video, which you can see below, discusses how to select the interest group(s) you want to add your contacts to.

Over the next few days we’ll post other new videos that go through the rest of the adding contacts process whether you choose to type in email address or upload a file. This way no matter what method you select, you’ll have an easy-to-follow training video to help you along the way.

As always, our videos are in HD and have closed captions for maximum accessibility.


Following up  on our previous blog post about list segmentation, we just released a new Elite Email TV episode titled “What Are Interest Groups?”

This is the first of many new episodes that we’ll be posting.

The idea behind this learning series is to show you exactly how to use Elite Email in the best (and easiest!) way possible.

Instead of having to read documentation or help files, you can simply put up your feet, watch the video, and moments later you are an expert.

These videos might not win any Academy Awards (…or will they?!), but they should put anyone on the fast track to becoming a true email marketing guru.

All the videos are in HD (up to 1080p… because we’re cool like that!) and have closed captions just so that it is accessible to everyone.

This specific video covers the concept of list segmentation, how to create interest groups, rename them, delete them and more.

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