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Email coupons are an extremely useful marketing tool in a time when most consumers still want to find a good deal while using digital technology. What makes email coupons especially effective is that you can cater to those still using desktops along with focus on those using mobile. While delivering mobile coupons is increasing, you want to reach as many people as possible.

Email coupons can also be utilized to be redeemed in a physical store rather than online. That can help entice more people to visit your brick and mortar side to leverage the trend of everyone shopping online. However, it’s up to you how you use your email coupons. The important thing is to make smart decisions on how the coupon works and what it looks like.

The Visual Appeal of Your Email Coupon

Your email coupon design is going to make a significant difference in how a consumer responds. At one time, you’d have to hire a graphic designer or attempt to cobble a design together on your own through Photoshop. Considering both are time-consuming and expensive, you can create a professional custom design simply and easily from right within our system.

We offer hundreds of different design templates to help create an email coupon that’s visually compelling for your entire customer base. All of our designs have custom headers, graphics and text that bring real visual flair to capture the essence of your brand.

The Ability to Capture Consumers Instantaneously

In the age of the email coupon, you can use your prior email marketing list to capture the most loyal customers in an instant. With Strategicdriven.com showing already a year ago that 82% check their email on a smartphone while out and about, marketing to those people now will benefit you long term. The reason is because your email coupon doesn’t have to be printed out to be redeemed right away in your store. During the holiday season, this procedure becomes even more invaluable when capturing those out doing errands or shopping.

Analytic Tools Can Help Scope Out Who’s Responding

We also offer convenient analytic tools so you can analyze just how well your email coupon campaign is going. In fact, you’ll have up to 80 different analysis methods that give you a perspective from every possible angle. With geographic analysis, you can also see exactly where people live who responded the most favorably.

You’ll likely be surprised when you see the analysis results after your own hunches thought otherwise. Using analysis data, you can tweak your email coupons for upcoming promotions, plus changing things to target specific people in certain locations.

Email coupons have simply turned into the most advantageous marketing tool out there in providing what consumers want. We can make this marketing process easier for you than it ever has been before. With 10 years of experience, we’ve become comprehensive experts on the evolution of email and mobile marketing to help you gain more customers than you ever thought possible.



Mobile coupons are expected to rise exponentially in use through the rest of the decade as part of the growing evolution of mobile marketing. In fact, those using mobile coupons are expected to reach over 53 million by 2014, according to Inside Mobile Apps. That’s why it’s worth the while of any business’s marketing plan to include mobile coupons with a text message marketing strategy. The use of mobile coupons probably won’t change either, despite recent legal overhauls by the FCC regarding marketing by text message.

In the case of your own business, those coupons can be used in ways that help your inventory sell much faster. Take a look at some mobile coupon uses that can get the word out about one of your new products, plus the same for an older product you need to reinvigorate.

Coupons for a New Product

You might be a small business that doesn’t have a budget to use the old method of providing free samples during a product introduction. The next best thing is to send people a mobile coupon they can use as a discount on your existing inventory. It’s a good compromise in saving money while allowing people to try your product without paying full price.

Using a mobile coupon also allows them to redeem it instantly, which seems to be more attractive to consumers. In the above stats from Inside Mobile Apps, only 1% of all paper coupons ever get redeemed compared to 10% for mobile coupons. Using this mobile method, you’ll be able to move those new products off your shelf faster, get the word out quicker, plus still make some profit.

Using Mobile Coupons to Reinvigorate Old Products

There might be an old product you wished did better last year and had a miss due to lack of a good marketing campaign. If you’re just now getting into mobile coupons, you can persuade customers to come in and get a discount on that old product. It’s a perfect way to reintroduce a product that you knew had potential. Because mobile marketing means quicker share times, word can spread just as fast in texts among consumers.

Even better, mobile coupons usually have to be redeemed inside a brick and mortar store, which means you can increase business to your physical location. When you have extra inventory around and want to get it out of your store, using mobile coupons can help you accomplish this. Using mobile coupons may end up bringing more people back into brick and mortar stores after years of online shopping becoming the norm.

If you want to create a mobile coupon marketing campaign, we can help you here at Elite Email. With 10 years of experience, we’ve seen the complete evolution of mobile marketing to a point where we know what works. For those new to the world of mobile, we’re experienced in making your marketing plan easy to understand so you’ll know what you’re doing while enjoying many returns on investment.

Mobile Coupons


I love email newsletters. You love email newsletters. We all love email newsletters!

But, how are small businesses actually using email newsletters to help achieve their goals?

To answer that question we conducted a quick flash poll of 250 small business owners and asked the question directly to them.

You can view the full press release online by clicking here.

#1 Build Stronger Relationships To Encourage Repeat Business
This was the top answer as given by 49% of all those surveyed. We all know it’s easier to get repeat business than earn new business and email is an amazing tactic to help keep your brand in front of the consumer. After all, if they forget about you, they cannot buy from you again. But, if they are on your mailing list and get emails from you once a month, then you’re definitely a lot harder to forget. Plus, these constant touch-points help build a stronger relationship between your company and the consumer, especially when you are giving them good useful content.

#2 Special Promotions or Discounts
Everyone loves a good deal, especially when that deal is a special thing just for you (… or all email newsletter subscribers). Putting a special offer directly into your customers hands is an incredibly effective way to drive sales. Since you don’t have to pay any printing fees or flyer distribution fees to your postal system, the ROI you can achieve from this type of tactic is huge. Many businesses are putting a “buy now” or “add to cart” button right in the email to make it really easy for customers to take advantage of the special promotion. We also see a lot of time sensitive discounts where a certain deal is only available today or for the next 24 hours. This encourages immediate purchases so people don’t say “I’ll come back to this later” and then forget about it.

#3 New Product Announcements
It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and with the click of a button you can send an email newsletter to all of your contacts.  Getting the word out about new products or services could have been challenging or costly in the past, but now with one email newsletter blast you can let everyone know right away. We have even seen a lot more businesses building hype for new products in advance of them being released, similar to how a movie trailer gets us excited about that great new flick coming out in a few months. With a well structured email that showcases a picture of the product and highlights the key features or benefits of the product, you can distribute a lot of information quickly, easily and effectively.

Although these were the top 3 results from our recent poll, here in the Elite Email offices we get to see all the different creative ways businesses use their email newsletters as a key tool in their marketing mix. Sometimes a little outside the box thinking can go a long way towards keeping your audience engaged, entertained, and buying your products!

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