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Today, Brenda Bouw, published an article for The Globe And Mail all about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation… abbreviated to “CASL”.

Her article, titled “New anti-spam law ‘a big deal’ for small businesses ” explores the new legislation and how it effects small businesses in Canada. The entire Elite Email team was happy to see that the final four paragraphs of this great article are referencing an interview I did with this reporter.

You can read the full article here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/small-business/sb-digital/biz-categories-technology/businesses-rush-to-comply-with-tough-new-anti-spam-law/article17609044/

All of us at Elite Email have been working hard for months & months to understand every component of CASL. We have seen that many (if not most) of the organizations in Canada and abroad don’t fully understand how CASL is going to shake the Canadian marketing landscape at it’s core and truly impact their day-to-day operations. Our goal is to be the go-to thought leaders on the topic of CASL so that we can help not only our customers, but also all of those who need guidance in navigating the new rule book.

To assist with that, we released the CASL Survival Guide in a variety of formats:

Since the release of the CASL Survival Guide, it has been downloaded and accessed a tremendous amount of times and with the article on the Globe and Mail, we have seen yet another spike in downloads.

It is great to see people accessing this guide and using the information to make sure they are ahead of the curve and fully prepared for CASL. Plus, the feedback we have been getting and the appreciation from people who finally have an easy-to-follow roadmap has been fantastic.

The Globe and Mail: CASL


WOW, are we excited!

Last year at the Toronto Business Excellence Awards we won the “Under 30” award, which was a huge honor.

Since then the entire Elite Email team has been working hard to make things even better and better by building on our award-winning foundation.

So, it is amazing to be recognized as a nominee in the biggest category, “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

This is truly one of the biggest awards in one of the biggest economies in the world and we are absolutely elated to be a finalist.

I share in this exciting moment with not only our amazing team, but also all of our outstanding customers. It is our customers that are the driving force behind everything we do and we are completely fueled by their energy and passion for email marketing.

Here is the announcement that ran in The Globe And Mail newspaper:

Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards - Entrepreneur of the Year


WOW…. What an exciting night!

I had previously mentioned that Elite Email was a finalist nominee for the Business Excellence Awards in the Under 30 (years-old) category and at last night’s gala event they announced the winners in front of a packed crowd of 400+ people.

To me it felt just like the Oscar’s and the suspense nearly killed me.

They announced the nominees for the “Under 30″ category and played a video they taped of us discussing what our company did and what we thought contributed to our success. Then, came the big moment….

“The winner is…”, followed by opening the sealed envelope… “ELITE EMAIL”!

Our table jumped up out of our seats and cheered what was probably the loudest cheer of the whole night! … what can I say, we were very excited. :)

This really is a huge honor for the entire Elite Email team.

As our customers will attest, we work incredibly hard to create the best email marketing solution possible and offer the absolute best customer support, so winning an award like this and getting this kind of recognition just reaffirms once more than we are on the right track. And, just wait, because we’ve got so many things up our sleeve and in the works that are going to make things even better!

After they announced our name, I know I gave an acceptance speech, but I was so excited that I honestly cannot recall one word I said. I’ll have to watch the video later… I hope I was eloquent enough!

The sheer amount of people who came up to me last night, texted me, posted on my Facebook wall, called me and sent me emails was through the roof. My phone literally hasn’t stopped vibrating and I am so appreciative of all the amazing people who support Elite Email and what we do.

While we’re still waiting on the photos from the official event photographer, here are some pictures from last night.

Robert Burko, President of Elite Email, accepting Business Excellence Award

Robert Burko, President of Elite Email, accepting Business Excellence Award

Burko, Olch & Georgiadis - Business Excellence Awards

VP Business Development, Matthew Georgiadis -- President, Robert Burko -- VP Customer Relations, Justin Olch

Elite Email Red Carpet Star

Elite Email star on the floor near the red carpet

Toronto Business Times Announcing Business Excellence Award Winners

Toronto Business Times Announcing Business Excellence Award Winners


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see where in the world people are located when they are interacting with your emails? We think so!

The Elite Email development team has been working hard for many months on an entirely revamped Reports section.

The Reports section has so many new features that it’s almost impossible to list them all!

We hope to have this released in ‘beta’ for people to begin exploring within about a week.

But, for now, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of one of the coolest new features (in my opinion)…

I am proud to announce that the new Elite Email Reports section will features detailed and comprehensive Geo Reports.

Using the IP address information we collect when your contacts interact with an email (whether it’s open, click, forward, unsubscribe, etc, etc), combined with state-of-the-art geographic pin-pointing information, we can now determine where that person is located.

We have powerful servers in multiple data centers chugging through all this data so that when you login to your account you can see various maps that answer the question of where people are located. You can then use this information in a variety of ways.

Best of all, the information is presented using heat-maps so at a quick glance, based on the intensity of the color, you can see where most of your contacts are located. And, it doesn’t stop there because you can also drill-down to more detailed maps. So, if you click on United States, the map will reload and show you a detailed “state” view complete with heat-map functionality.

This is only the beginning as adding a layer of location information opens up some new and exciting opportunities.

Here are some top secret screenshots:

Elite Email Reports: World Map > Opens

View a world heat-map that shows where people are located when they open your email. This report will be available for clicks, forwards, and unsubscribes, too!

Elite Email Reports: USA Map > Opens

Clicking on the United States from the world map will load a detailed state-view of the USA. Now you can see which state people are located in when they open, click, forward or unsubscribe.

Elite Email Reports: Canada Map > Opens w/ Details

Within the Reports Wizard you can load a detailed map of Canada and see a province-by-province report of who opened, clicked, forwarded or unsubscribed from your email.


Times they are a changin’
— Bob Dylan

Elite Email first launched in June 2003 and since then it has been a crazy whirlwind of excitement.

It may sound like a typical “.com” story…. high school student starts company in parent’s basement, company grows… yadda yadda yadda… [I may have left out some key milestones, but I’m sure you get the idea :) ]

I remember the day we got our very first customer. Oh, what excitement! Then we had two, then three… and at this point the champagne was really flowing. (Actually, at the time I would have been too young to drink, so maybe that’s not entirely true.) Years of hard work and efforts on the part of so many people had finally culminated in a product that people were signing up for, using, and most importantly, really liking!

Fast forward 8 years and a lot has changed. Now we count our customers by the thousands (yet I’m still excited about each one), we have staff in 5 different countries (for those keeping score: Canada, United States, India, Finland, China) allowing us to operate 24 hours a day, we have released many new versions, won countless awards, been featured in newspapers, magazines, tv shows & podcasts, and ultimately grown to become a leading email marketing SaaS solution.

Of course, we’re nowhere near done yet… and, if you ask me, the most exciting things are still to come!

Up until now we have been using my personal blog (robertburko.com) as our company’s voice. But, it’s time for a change.
I’m not sure if its the sound of my voice that necessitated the change (… I wouldn’t even vote for myself on American Idol!)…
Or, maybe the fact that other people within Elite Email want to chime in on the blog…

But, change is a good thing, and with that in mind, I officially announce….. actually, wait… cue dramatic drum roll….. the launch of the new & official Elite Email blog.

We will be working hard to keep the blog updated with email marketing tips, tricks & insights, along with sneak peaks at new features, and a whole lot more!

Of course, as we have been since the days of working in my parent’s basement many years ago, we will always be driven by what the customer wants. So, if there is something you want to see, read or hear, please be sure to let us know.


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