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As many of our customers will already know, I am currently nominated in the “Executive of the Year” category for the 2013 Digi Awards (by nextMedia).

The Digi Awards are an annual showcase of some of the great companies, products and people that are making a splash in the digital media space.

It has obviously been a very exciting year for Elite Email with lots of new developments… and still many more great things to come.

All of us here at Elite Email are honoured to be involved with the Digi Awards, especially in our category where we are in very great company with the other nominees. It’s just so fantastic to see so many great people pushing the envelope in the digital media space. While I would obviously like everyone to vote for me, at the same time I do encourage you to check out the bios for the other people in this category.

I want to thank everyone who received our emails, tweets and Facebook messages and already logged in their votes. I am completely blown away by the response so far and I truly cannot thank everyone enough.

You can learn more about the awards here: http://www.nextmediaevents.com/2013-digis-about.php

If you have not yet voted, you can record your vote for me, Robert Burko,  (… thanks in advance…) by visiting this link:

Vote for Robert Burko

 The winners are announced in December, so please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Lastly, I know the entire Elite Email team around the world has been working hard getting their entire social networks to vote. So, I just want to pass along a big thanks to everyone for the amazing efforts!

Rest assured, each new vote, just motivates me even more to accomplish greater & grander things in the future to continue to propel Elite Email forward and give our amazing customers access to all the tools they need to achieve their marketing goals.


WOW, are we excited!

Last year at the Toronto Business Excellence Awards we won the “Under 30” award, which was a huge honor.

Since then the entire Elite Email team has been working hard to make things even better and better by building on our award-winning foundation.

So, it is amazing to be recognized as a nominee in the biggest category, “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

This is truly one of the biggest awards in one of the biggest economies in the world and we are absolutely elated to be a finalist.

I share in this exciting moment with not only our amazing team, but also all of our outstanding customers. It is our customers that are the driving force behind everything we do and we are completely fueled by their energy and passion for email marketing.

Here is the announcement that ran in The Globe And Mail newspaper:

Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards - Entrepreneur of the Year


WOW…. What an exciting night!

I had previously mentioned that Elite Email was a finalist nominee for the Business Excellence Awards in the Under 30 (years-old) category and at last night’s gala event they announced the winners in front of a packed crowd of 400+ people.

To me it felt just like the Oscar’s and the suspense nearly killed me.

They announced the nominees for the “Under 30″ category and played a video they taped of us discussing what our company did and what we thought contributed to our success. Then, came the big moment….

“The winner is…”, followed by opening the sealed envelope… “ELITE EMAIL”!

Our table jumped up out of our seats and cheered what was probably the loudest cheer of the whole night! … what can I say, we were very excited. :)

This really is a huge honor for the entire Elite Email team.

As our customers will attest, we work incredibly hard to create the best email marketing solution possible and offer the absolute best customer support, so winning an award like this and getting this kind of recognition just reaffirms once more than we are on the right track. And, just wait, because we’ve got so many things up our sleeve and in the works that are going to make things even better!

After they announced our name, I know I gave an acceptance speech, but I was so excited that I honestly cannot recall one word I said. I’ll have to watch the video later… I hope I was eloquent enough!

The sheer amount of people who came up to me last night, texted me, posted on my Facebook wall, called me and sent me emails was through the roof. My phone literally hasn’t stopped vibrating and I am so appreciative of all the amazing people who support Elite Email and what we do.

While we’re still waiting on the photos from the official event photographer, here are some pictures from last night.

Robert Burko, President of Elite Email, accepting Business Excellence Award

Robert Burko, President of Elite Email, accepting Business Excellence Award

Burko, Olch & Georgiadis - Business Excellence Awards

VP Business Development, Matthew Georgiadis -- President, Robert Burko -- VP Customer Relations, Justin Olch

Elite Email Red Carpet Star

Elite Email star on the floor near the red carpet

Toronto Business Times Announcing Business Excellence Award Winners

Toronto Business Times Announcing Business Excellence Award Winners


It’s an exciting time here at Elite Email….!

Lately we have been getting some great reviews both online and offline that we’re incredibly proud of. Plus, as always, the biggest compliment is that we have our existing customers continue to refer new people to us because they are really happy with the level of service we provide.

In the latest bit of exciting news, Elite Email has been honored as a finalist nominee for the Toronto Business Excellence Awards.

Nominees are recognized as members of the community who have demonstrated outstanding growth, leadership and innovation in business.

Elite Email is nominated in the under 30 category, and, needless to say, everyone here is immensely proud to be included and honored as a nominee.

All of these awards and recognitions just emphasize to us that we are on the right track, but rest assured out motto remains “go big or go home” so even if we’re getting great accolades right now, we’re still looking to up the ante and become even better!

Below you can see the announcement that ran in the Globe and Mail newspaper on October 27, 2011. (Click for a larger version)

Globe and Mail - Elite Email - Business Excellence Awards

Globe and Mail, October 27, 2011 - Report On Business: Elite Email - Business Excellence Awards

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