Customer relationship marketingis the practice of valuing and attempting to retain loyal customers for the life of a company. Perhaps some cynical thought exists that retaining the same customers for 50 years is only a practice from a past era. With the proper marketing, there’s nothing that says the same thing can’t happen again in the 21st century.

When you focus on making things personal with your customers, it’s going to make a considerable difference against any cold corporate business structure. Consider doing a few things that enhance the new trend of personalization in the customer-business relationship.

Bringing Personalization to Email Marketing

Customer segmentation might be something that not everyone loves doing. Nevertheless, it’s necessary if you want to bring a sense of personalization in your marketing campaigns. By studying existing data from your customer base, you can pare it all down to categories and send those customers specific emails that look personalized. When you address your customers by first name from your email list and talk about something personal, it gives an impression you sent them a personal email. They won’t know that you merely segmented customers based on their buying preferences.

As mechanical as it is, it works based on the perception of the customer. Showing that you understand them and what they really want brings a sense of personalization that customers crave.

Personal Marketing Through Social Media

With the advent of everyone using social media on mobile, bringing a sense of personalization to social networking is going to be essential. You already see evidence of this with other companies on places like Twitter where someone behind the scenes interacts with customers. By hiring someone to work all day on social media providing information and being a live FAQ, you’ve cornered an important part of personalized marketing. Make sure those replies are mobile friendly so anyone can view them.

When you hire someone to interact on social media, make sure they follow your specific rules on how to reply. Hiring an intern to respond in their own words can potentially lead to problems.

Creating Online Brand Advocates

Your most loyal customers could be given directions to market for you through email and mobile devices. Brand advocatescan be very usefuland help get word of mouth going about your business without you spending a fortune. These advocates can go online and send emails of their own to people they know would be interested in your type of business. The same can be done with interaction through social networks and mobile texting.

While you should never pay a brand advocate, you should at least reward them for their work with discounts and free products. In turn, you’ll be doing double duty on your customer relationship marketing plan.

If you need more ideas on how to nurture customer relationships through email or mobile marketing, come visit us here atElite Email. We work hard to fuse technology and marketing together so it’s easy to understand for our clients. We’ll make sure your marketing plan brings the personalization customers want today that breeds a loyalty lasting decades.

Customer Relationship Marketing

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