We just released a new Elite Email TV episode focusing on the final step of the adding contacts file upload process where you have to “map your data”.

This is basically like connect the dots where you tell us where to put the information contained in your file.

We do this because sometimes the column names in your file may match exactly to your Elite Email database (in which case we connect it for you), but other times it might not be the same, so you need to give us a push in the right direction to ensure everything ends up perfectly.

The process of mapping your file is really easy and requires only a few clicks.

We even show you sample data from your file so you can make sure that the information you think you’re saving to a certain spot is actually correct.

If you’re uploading data that doesn’t fit into any of the existing fields in your account, you can easily rename a field and customize things even more to meet your exact needs.

The video, which you can see below, walks you through this entire process.

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