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This past weekend I was browsing through a Break.com picture gallery (…very funny stuff!) when I stumbled upon a really interesting “Join Our Mailing List” type advertisement.

I’m a big fan of asking people in-store to join your mailing list as I believe that can be a key growth driver of your mailing list (in addition to online signups from your website, Facebook page, etc).

Over the years, I’ve seen all sorts of incentives to get people to join your mailing list. Often there are ads to be entered in a draw for a certain prize, to win a free lunch, etc, etc.

But, this Godfather’s Pizza add puts a whole new spin on it…

Godfather's Pizza: "Join Our Mailing List" Ad

I’m usually the first one to praise the amazing limitless possibilities of email marketing, but in this case, I think things may have been pushed too far. I think I can admit that where email marketing falls short is in delivering you a “free medium pizza by email”. I wonder if that pizza via email would be hot when it gets to me? Can I order other toppings on this ‘pizza by email’ or is a basic cheese pizza the only one that transmits nicely through cyberspace?

Let this be a lesson to everyone…
Driving mailing list growth in-store = GREAT!
Offering to send a pizza by email = REQUIRES MORE THOUGHT (and maybe a new flyer!)

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